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My daughter really likes the materials!

Today I'm at Anaïs An, visiting this beautiful shop for a couple of years now. My daughter really likes the materials. She has been wearing the same dress for the last 3 years. So it went from like knee length to like shorts. What I really like about this shop is the details that the designer put into place when she designed dresses for children. Now there's always the rubber part that tightens at the back. And you see when she wears this it really makes sure that the sleeves are out like wings and the extra details like the glitters you knows if she goes for dinner or even like piano recital it looks really nice. So today I have decided to get 3 of these pieces and I just like to show you this one that I think my daughter will really like. There's a lot of details and a lot of colors that is put to play. And of course with this one, who doesn't like a flower dress. So I'm gonna have her wear this for New Year. And I know they are limited pieces so she probably not gonna meet somebody who wears the same one. I hope you guys visit and buy more.

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