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A Signature WM2Y Dress

WM2Y represents the series of “Wear me for 2 years or more” creative dresses.

The Embroidered Adjustable Dress is an Anais An's WM2Y signature design. Simplest but not basic. With adjustable straps, dainty fabric, often single-layered, they are made to last, at a very affordable price.

Anais An Signature Convertible Dress Pic: All mannequins wearing dresses Size 1yo.

As children grow up so quickly, they grow out of their dresses fast, too. Sometimes we miss seeing them in a particular clothes so much, we even purchase a bigger version of it, if available. With our WM2Y range, at first we have a unique dress and it’ll come as a perfect fit top in the following summer(s) so you can have it a little longer.

Already in the 4th edition, (5th color on its way,) this outfit style is dressy enough for any hangouts, super comfortable to wear and cheerful to look at. We also hope it’ll hold a lot of good memories with you, too.

Enjoy childhood!

 Anais An Signature Convertible Dress

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