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Our Dedicated Dressmakers

Hello everyone! We'd like to share a bit about our wonderful team and our process.

Our team is made up of a mix of experienced tailors, young trainees, and Linh, our “demanding” designer. Hảo receives the first cut from Linh and translates them into proper paper cuts. She also oversees our operations and technical matters, ensuring that our process for making dresses is streamlined and efficient.

Hiền, our team leader since 5 years, pays close attention to details, contributes to sewing solutions as needed, and conducts quality checks. Hương and Nhàn work hand in hand to digitalize all paper prototypes, grade patterns, and cut fabric (with Linh behind their backs to ensure dresses of the same size will have the exact same patterns). The use of technology and software have helped to maximize usable fabric.

We also work closely with authorized fabric distributors of big fabric manufacturers to ensure regular supply and quality.

We are proud to say that we aim for sustainability and social causes. Excessive fabrics are used to make small fabric items, and fabrics that don't meet quality checks are used as drafts for practice. Dresses that fail the final quality check are sold at a great discount or given away to avoid wastage.

We always try to live up to our standards and not to lower our customer’s expectation because they are the heart of our business.

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