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Behind the designs

Linh, an architect from Hanoi, moved to Singapore over 16 years ago to study at NUS and work as a project manager on government infrastructure projects. Since then, she has come to appreciate the importance of preserving cultural identities, natural environments, and promoting sustainable living in modern cities. After the birth of her daughter, Linh founded a mother-daughter apparel start-up that prioritizes sustainable and story-telling designs, promoting creativity, imagination, and family bonding.

As an architect, Linh's experience in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces translates well into her unconventional and comfortable clothing designs. She also incorporates her passion for handicraft work, which she enjoyed since childhood, into the dressmaking process. Linh's focus on breathable fabrics and designs that cater to different body types prioritize long-term growth, cultural considerations, and sustainable consumption. Through the variety of her designs and limited quantity production, Linh promotes slow fashion quality and encourages others to appreciate and preserve natural environments.

Linh also encourages children to relate to imaginative, content-rich wearables. Her dresses come with wings for flying, bows or braids for tying, and toys for play. However, the product that allows for the most freedom to express is the DIY Color-it-ful T-shirt. Serving as a canvas for children to unleash their creativity, these T-shirts can be beneficial for children's cognitive and emotional development. Using T-shirts as a canvas for artwork is a great idea, allowing them to wear and show off their creations to others.

Linh's commitment to promoting artistic expression and sustainable consumption shines through in all of her designs, making her start-up a unique, avant-garde, and inspiring addition to the fashion industry.

Linh, person behind Anaïs An

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