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DIY T-shirts for your kids' creativity

DIY tees are an excellent activity for creative kids, allowing them to express their imagination and creativity while also developing their motor skills and dexterity.

With our DIY Color-it-ful T-shirts, children can choose from our wide range of designs, from wild animals to something closer to home like Sunset on Bishan-AMK Park or The Giant Panda Family.

Take the knitted cotton as a new experimental canvas, the experience of controlling markers and paint may feel very different compared to drawing on paper. First of all, it is wearable! And then, using ultra washable markers help children redo their coloring and try out new drawings or styles for as many times as they wish to.

Through art, we learn about ourselves, and tell. Our tees are perfect for playdate, goodies bag and parties. One is not enough!

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