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About Us

Anaïs An™ Maman & Bebe Clothing and Footwear is named after a jovial little girl who loves dancing, nature and beautiful things. The Singapore based brand offers quality, comfortable and creative mother and children wear.

Imagine and create

Childhood lasts so fast and it is our luck to watch the children grow and nurture their innocent dreams. One day, they dream of being as powerful as fairies and elves, the next day they’d want to be as magical as unicorns and mermaids. They are what they believe in. Why not?!

At Anaïs An, you’ll find Butterfly, Swan, Unicorn or Snow Queen Dresses that have wings indeed! Mothers love them because they are cooling, practical for everyday wear, unique and comfortable.

Always present in our store are the Fairy Dresses with high quality fabrics made in the USA. Ever since the fairies stepped out of their book, they opened the doors to an enchanted world that would remain vivid in the memories and minds of our children, and we treasure that!

Embroideries, watercolor prints, beadings, imaginative appliqués and every little details on top of tailor-made slow-fashion qualities make our designs stand out. However, it is the happiness of the children wearing our dresses and matching accessories that keeps us going!

We have seen many children boys and girls proudly wear the Color-it-ful T-shirts “made by themselves, in partnership with Anaïs An J” and we are determined to expand our ranges of products..

Let’s continue to imagine and create together.


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