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About Us

Anaïs An™ Maman & Bebe Clothing and Footwear is named after a jovial little girl who loves dancing, nature and beautiful things. The Singapore based brand offers quality, comfortable and creative mother and children wear. 

Back then, there was an expectant mother who shopped hard preparing for her baby’s arrival. For almost everything, from bottles, stroller to bedding and clothes, there was a decision to make, beauty, function, lifetime vs investment to scale.
The shopaholic in her was so overwhelmed it wished, those baby products could serve longer and be pretty forever.
One day, she decided to create her own mother and baby clothing and footwear lines which value add...

For the first time, games are wearable (and detachable). Embroidery and handmade details, twinning and convertible wears will also be strongly recommended.

All products are made of selected materials, by experienced tailors and craftsmen in Vietnam. They reflect a mother’s purest wish for children’s comfort and happiness, to see them grow free in their ever-transforming world.

It’s #morethanclothes and hopefully, babies shall remember them fondly forever after.