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Dreamland Fairies Pink
Dreamland Fairies Pink
Dreamland Fairies Pink

Dreamland Fairies Pink

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Fairies on Sweet Pink

Starting with a very limited edition due to the expensiveness of the fabric, the design has since gained the hearts of many little girls and mamas. Some recognized the dainty prints of the dresses - they are fairies coming out of a book! It empowers our girls as they believe they are the real fairies and magic is what they do. Along with a few other designs, the fairies dress has become a forever new dress in our store. Best of all, we want to make sure every girl has a piece hence the price is no different from the other dresses. The best buy!

100% premium cotton. Wash in laundry mesh, with bright colors

Easy maintenance.
Made in Vietnam
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Detailed Care Instructions and Notes

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